Chapter 5 Part 2

Chapter I Part III

Chapter 1 Part XVI

Chapter 1 Part XV

Chapter 4 Part IV

Mom died today

Mom died today

Chapter I Part VIII

Rushed this one. But if I’m going to finish this book before I’m in the casket I gotta read and post faster.

Chapter I Part I

Pronunciation is poubelle. Hoping to reach a flow by the time Meursault goes to the beach.

Chapter I Part III

Fucked up pronouncing “J’ai” in J’ai pris l’autobus and “au” in mange au restaurant, but je me suis assoupi and much more to go

Chapter 3 Part IV

Si je vais lire tout ce livre, je vais devoir me divertir.

Chapter 5 Part 5

S’il vous plaît ignorer la bosse sur mon épaule