J.W. Kash is currently an Assistant English Professor at Edgar Quinet Lycée (a high school in Paris). Outside of class he is freelancing journalism (Athletics, Business, Economics, Paris, Philosophy, Death, Etc.) working on a dual-biography on father-son runner Olympians, and writing fiction.

In June of 2019 he received a Master’s degree in journalism from SciencesPo in Paris, special thanks to the Emile Boutmy scholarship offered to non-European students.

He is a graduate of Columbia University’s Journalism School (Class of 2018). Between 2013-2017 he worked in seven restaurants throughout New York City (bus-boy, drink runner, bartender, waiter, and assistant manager). He’s lived in Hell’s Kitchen, Brooklyn, Inwood, Harlem, and on Staten Island.


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Instagram (poetry, paintings): @jwkash

Twitter (ideas, absurdity): @j_w_kash

Personal Email: jwkash37@gmail.com