Micah…and the Trans Bathroom Debate

Micah McCain is an actor I lived with the summer of 2013. Here he is playing a Trans in the movie BASEketball:

In real life Micah is not a Trans. He is a warm-hearted, heavy drinking, funny, flamboyant homosexual. He’s probably most known for the parody below (which he created hammered one night and sent to a girlfriend in 2011…now it has 2.5 million views):

I enjoyed living with Micah and I wish him well. Will he ever get back into movies? Will he ever get paid enough from acting to quit working crappy restaurant jobs? How many artists are out there grinding day jobs and pursing their art on the side? I respect them all.

So what do I think of the Trans Bathroom debate?


Are we that bored?

Brief memory: During my sophomore year in college I lived on a floor with only a men’s bathroom. Since the women’s bathroom was “far away” (2 minute extra walk down some stairs) and since mostly girls lived on my floor…we had a meeting concerning whether or not we should make the men’s bathroom unisex. Us courteous men agreed to share our latrine. But my roommate, Jeff Sackson, said under one condition:

If you girls plan on taking any loud, smelly, nasty dumps…please wear basketball shoes.