(C)rap Battle #6

Inside Blague #1

The Future #5

J’avoue #1

Paris #7



Social Media Girl #1


She has

So many


And so many


And so many


And so many


But none of them

Would give her

A kidney

When it came


To it.

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I ain’t no hipster


hipster tree falls

I got plaid shirts
But I ain’t no hipster
I drink beers that’re bitter
But I ain’t no hipster
I quote philosophers on my twitter
But I ain’t no hipster
She says my beard scratches her
But I ain’t no hipster
I sometimes wear suspenders
But I ain’t no hipster
I prefer vinyl records over digital
But I ain’t no hipster
I listen to music that hurts
But I ain’t no hipster
I move into neighborhoods that are becoming bi-racial
But I ain’t no hipster
I shun things that are popular
But I ain’t no hipster
I own an old-fashioned typewriter
But I ain’t not hipster
I post links to poetry
on my facebook

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Irony hipster

The Space and Slip Between Cup and Lip


Published at The Unbroken Journal (Issue 12) on January 1, 2017 (1 minute read)

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Graffiti in a Bathroom Stall


bathroom stall dark

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Bathroom Graffiti
While Taking a Poo
Asshole is Red
Face is Blue
I’m Constipated
While Taking this Poo
The Stop light was Red
The Ethiopian Food was New
I’m So Sorry About Shitting
All Over This Room
You’ve Already Read
A Poem or Two
Now Wipe Your Ass
You Disgusting Buffoon