(C)rap Battle #6

All’s use do iz

Spit nursery rhymes

Go out wit friends and nurse coronas wit limes

Talkin bout the good ol’ crimes

You committed with hats that were fitted

Bats + trumpet taps for the afflicted, pope’s-a-joke + hope-for-dope addicted

Made sure you didn’t choke and the teacher’s apple was pitted

Look widget kid with a tidbit what’s widdit?

I told you: always wear ya hand-knitted mittens

When it’s cold n you quit the band n you playin quidditch

Hermione’s a dime

(Not by the dozen cuzin I wasn’t fuzzin or buzzin)

Taking all the classes grasping hourglasses going back in time

She in it

Now it’s time to quit it

When you holdin the snitch but you snitchin

Ditch ya LIT class with the bathroom pass

They wonderin if you shittin or splittin

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